Run Windows applications

Run Windows applications

FlyOS comes pre-installed with the WINE and architecture emulator, which means you can run amd64/x86 Windows applications on your aarch64 Android device. It's really cool, isn't it?

Run winecfg

WINE runs on the FlyOS desktop, so we will start FlyOS Desktop first

Open Terminal First open terminal
To run WINE, we need to use the command startwine<arch>, which is a built-in command in FlyOS. For example, if you want to start an x86 application, you would type startwine86 <app name or path> in the terminal. For instance, typing startwine86 winecfg and hitting enter will launch winecfg.

For example:

startwine86 winecfg

then you will see:


Similarly, if you want to run amd64 apps, just replace startwine86 to startwine64!

startwine64 winecfg

Run more apps?

wineapps Try running office? office1 office2